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Unfiltered, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sustainably Harvested in Oakdale, California


Made by people who put olive oil
on everything.

The love and traditions of olive oil goes back thousands of years. Greek Olympians bathed in it, Roman Kings were anointed by it and for centuries life was illuminated by olive oil.  We couldn't help but honor our Italian ancestors by making an olive oil we truly love. 

100% Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


Our award winning EVOO is organically grown on our small family farm, hand picked, and crushed within 24 hours to ensure the highest quality. This yields a deliciously greener oil, longer shelf life, and higher concentration of polyphenols which are potent free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Our olive oil is best used without high heat to fully enjoy the flavor and health benefits. Use it as a finishing oil over raw or roasted vegetables, top your favorite soup, over a grilled meats or fish, blend into sauces and pestos, or let it shine drizzled over a bowl of ice cream with a pinch of sea salt.

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